XYZ Will List On Firefly Wallet

XYZ, a new token on Stellar network.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and support on XYZ these days.

XYZ will list on Firefly Wallet on November 30, 2018 (GMT +8). From that time, you can trade XYZ by XYZ/XCN and XYZ/XLM in Firefly market.

XYZ would be our de facto standard calculation unit for any features hosted on, including but not limited to any operation cost required. Also, service payment would be based on XYZ. Not only that, XYZ is here to help filling the gaps of value expectation between project issuers and investors.

The total amount is 100,000,000,000. And it will be never increased in any case. 45,000,000,000 XYZ will feedback to project issuers on Other parts belong to early investors, Jetmint Foundation and community. Especially, the part hold by Jetmint Foundation will be released step by step in the next 5 years.

XYZ–the next generation of token asset infrastructure, wish you a journey on


November 28, 2018









This article was written by XLMPOOL