Join Public Test, Win XYZ

Dear user, (A platform for new token on Stellar network) invites you to participate public test during 15th Oct 8:00- 28th Oct 20:00(GMT +8).

The platform open functions as following:


issue new Token based on Stellar,

XLM bonus automatically (snapshot on 00:00 each day, receive bonus on 00:10 each day)

Get bonus for XYZ not on platform

Launch fundraising(begin mining automatically)

Support fundraising

The public test website is:

Any user participates in public test, only provide the bug you have found during the public test, then you can obtain 500-100000XYZ for bonus. The details can be:

View (includes disorder of page style, disunity of line, color, font, size and so on):500XYZ

Function (error, unavailable, data confusion and so on):2000XYZ

Serious weakness (weaknesses which lead to downtime, asset loss, script attack):100000XYZ


1.After signing in, the user sends deposit tag of XLM to custom service. We will deposit some amount of XLM to your account for test.

2. XLM in the test account is only available in Stellar test network. It is not available for exchange, deposit/withdraw and so on in Stellar public network.

3. In virtue of the un-stability of server and data in Stellar test network, this kind of related bug is not in the scope of bonus.

4. The related data of test account only available in Stellar test network, which will be cleared out when public test finishes.

5. This event is active during the public test timespan. XYZ bonus will be received in 7 days after is online. reserves the right to future adjustments and the final interoperation of this event.

Wish you a good journey in public test!


10th Oct, 2018






This article was written by XLMPOOL