Jetmint Minted ‘XYZ’. ICO Is Now Acive

Jetmint, founded in December 2017, is an open platform built for both investors and ICO initiators. It will be issuing its own token, named XYZ, on the Stellar network. The whitepaper can be found on

The project is positioned to be an open digital asset minting and management system with the prime focus of providing comprehensive services for incubating initial coin offering (ICO) projects; it will act as a one stop platform not only for project initiators to showcase their projects but also for investors to invest directly in such exciting projects presented on the platform.

XYZ’s total amount is 100 billion, beyond which no more can be issued. XYZ starts ICO on 1st May 2018 00:00 (GMT +8), which will be continue until 14th May 2018 24:00(GMT +8).

The offering rules are:
Exchange: 1 XLM:250 XYZ
Token Supply:10 billion XYZ
Minimum Investment:500,000 XLM

Finally, Jetmint is planned to develop its own new public chain standard in the future, to improve the current decentralization mechanism, to optimize intelligent contracts, and to realize a free flow of value across different chains.

Contact us with any method as:
QQ: 619427817

This article was written by XLMPOOL