2018 February Roundup

For XLM Enthusiasts:

For Developers & Entrepreneurs:

For Financial Institutions & Partners:

  • Finger is a licensed Korean remittance company that offers cross-border remittance services to foreign migrant works. They will be integrating with the Stellar network as a Korean won Anchor.
  • BluepanNet will be launching a Stellar enabled money transfer platform in Asia, providing cheaper and faster remittance service to its migrant worker customers.
  • Lumzar is an African based exchange built on Stellar that allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies using their local (fiat) currencies.

For Token Projects:

  • Mad Network is a distributed ad tech ecosystem designed to minimize the role of intermediaries and return lost value to advertisers and publishers.
  • Irene Energy is a renewable electricity supplier that introduces radical transparency to the electricity supply thanks to micro-payments on the Stellar network.
  • HotNow is leveraging Stellar to enable the first gamified online-to-offline economy for emerging Asian countries. HotNow is a discovery platform for shops with integrated, in-app promotional offers, currently active in Thailand with approximately 700,000 downloads. HotNow allows for merchants and brands to deliver exclusive promotions to nearby consumers, and is backed by Axion Ventures, a Canada based, publicly listed company.
  • RoleCoin is a digital currency that brings transparency to STEM/STEAM education spending by providing proof-of-progress as it happens on STEAMRole, a skill and career-development mobile app that showcases inspirational videos and skill roadmaps from successful professionals with careers in science, tech, engineering, art/design and mathematics.
  • Nezly is using Stellar to launch a consumer cannabis app that allows people to search and buy cannabis products from participating dispensaries in the United States and get them delivered to your door, right from the Nezly app.
  • TIDES is a Peer-to-Peer health insurance platform that is replacing expensive, predatory health insurance companies with a decentralized network. Tides reduces costs, makes communities accountable for their health, and puts the power of health back in the hands of the community.
  • STEMchain facilitates a more transparent way to donate to STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) organizations and initiatives. By using blockchain technology to track donations, a donor can appreciate the transparency within the transaction.
  • Zed network Inc., a Canadian based company, is launching a Remittance Platform as a Service on Stellar. ZED Network will enable Money Transfer Operators around the world have the requisite tools they need (web/mobile apps, back office admin, KYC/AML reporting and monitoring) in addition to liquidity and interoperability to compete effectively in order to provide cheaper and faster remittance service to their customers.
  • AXenS is a platform for accessible and innovative trade finance & supply chain management for SMEs in emerging markets to be launched on Stellar. The venture is led by a consortium of global commodities trading firms.



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