Set Inflation Pool With Ledger Nano S

Tutorial to join XLMPool to getĀ  inflation lumens
  1. OpenĀ Laboratory.
  2. Switch network to public (top right).
  3. Open Transaction Builder:
    1. Source Account -> public key of your Ledger account.
    2. Transaction Sequence Number -> Click “Fetch” button.
    3. First operation:
      1. Type -> Set options
      2. Inflation Destination ->
    4. Copy XDR from the box below Transaction Builder.
  4. Open Transaction Signer.
    1. Paste XDR. Click “Import Transaction”.
    2. Click “Sign with Default BIP Path” in “Ledger Wallet” section.
    3. Connect your Ledger, enter PIN, open Stellar app, check and confirm transaction.
    4. Click “Submit to Post Transaction endpoint”.
  5. You will be moved to “Endpoint Explorer”. Click “Submit”. Done.


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